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Infinity: WOW, I can't believe you are still updating this website! I've followed your website on and off for years. The last time I visited was almost a year ago. Keep up the good work!
Miria: Hey Yukie! Otaku Junk has a new look and updates! Please let me know what you think :D Hope all is well! <3
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Miria: Hey Yukie! If you have some time, please take a look at our secret santa event! :D [link]
Kevin: Omg, you actually are posting things again - I miss your face! <3
Amaya: Hey there. Sorry I haven't been around, but I have decided to close down. Please come by for a message that explains why. Thank you so much for the support :)
Pim: Hi. How are you? Just dropping by for a visit. Hope to see new renders added on the site.
Neo: OMG I can't believe how many beautiful, seamless PNG's you have! These are amazing! Thank you for sharing them!
ukdevilz: excellent website you have here love it!
Ka MoonDNA: Hello! I just looove your hard work with those renders. I know how boring can be sometimes to extract all day long PNGs : D
Pim: Just dropping by to say hi. How are you?
Amaya: Hello there, just dropping by to see how everyone's been doing :)
Nise: Just stopping by to see how you and the site was doing?
Tsukasa: Whoops! The link didn't go through! D: Let me try that again! [link]
Tsukasa: X-mas gift delivery:

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