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About Kuusou

Kuusou: (Japanese for) daydream

Kuusou is the "reincarnation" of Azure, a site that offered PNGs and only PNGs. After closing all my sites (because my offline life was a bit...chaotic) in 2007, I was momentarily relieved. Then bored. When the summer of 2008 started, I was fine. Then, I wanted to come back to the anime/manga graphics community. I made a new layout, changed some stuff, and Kuusou was born!

This site was officially launched on July 9, 2008. In a way, Kuusou could be considered really old (xD) since Azure opened in November 2005.

I'm intending to stick with Kuusou for a long time. Hopefully, school won't get in the way.

Active Staff

Yukie Real Name: Thu
Alias: Yukie
Birthday: September 21st
Position/Job: Owner/PNG Extractor
Loves: Manga, Asian music, strawberries, computer, music, and Kuusou
Hates: Internet Explorer, construction noises when I'm trying to sleep

Hello, my name is Yukie. I was born in Vietnam, but I moved to the US with my family on August 1st, 2001. I'm wary around strangers, but I'm nice to my friends. I currently live and attend school in the state of Washington. Iíve been designing since 2003, so I am quite familiar with X/HTML and CSS. I also know a bit of PHP & MySQL. Personally, I prefer coding over designing. That's the reason this site isn't a graphics site, actually.

Real Name: Akvile
Alias: aihara.chan
Birthday: September 18th
Position/Job: PNG Extractor
Loves: House Music, Dance, Web Design, Anime/Manga
Hates: Rain, Over-Attached People
Other Sites: Inkyfolio and 53 Blue Dogs

I am a 16 year old designer, with a passion and love for anime and manga! I have enjoyed it since I was young. I am a young designer so I decided to use my skills and open a website to connect with others just like me. Photography is one of my hobbies but I also have an interest in design so I am hoping to improve each day. My favorite type of photography is landscape, nature and people portraits. I am a beginner photographer. The reason I joined Kuusou staff is because I simply love extracting images. Not sure myself why, but I find it fun.

Previous Staff

Nelson Real Name: Nelson
Birthday: April 30th
Position/Job: PNG Extractor
Other Sites: Flirt Wind, A Glimpse Into The Horizon, and Frontal Assault

Howdy, the name's Nelson and from the Philippines — a Filipino, that is. I have been into web designing for about five years already and I still am eager to learn more because there are evidently more. I have always wanted to become a staff in a graphics-resource site and becoming one here is my first time. I am quite meticulous in coding. Above all, school is the sole thing that always gets in my way.

Real Name: Sarah
Birthday: February 15th
Position/Job: PNG Extractor
Loves: Painting, reading, music, Photoshop, anime
Hates: Don't hate, appreciate
Other Sites: Reminiscent Designs, Reminiscent Tutorials, and Timeless

Hello, my name is Sarah and I currently reside in Canada. I am known to be very artistic, bright, loyal, sensible and independent. I wouldn't classify myself as an overachiever, but I do love perfection. In the future, I aspire to become an architect, but at the moment, my love is in web designing. I have been active in the design and web world for more than 5 years. My current graphics program is Photohop CS and I know a fair bit of basic and advanced coding. I joined staff here because I feel that I can make a great contribution in helping Yukie provide top-quality PNGs for Kuusou.

Alias: MyrrhLynn
Birthday: October 19th
Position/Job: PNG Extractor
Loves: Anime, manga, Photoshop, video games, fast computers, traveling, animals
Hates: Rabid fans, internet drama, the excessive number of pretty "anime GuRL" graphics on the Internet.
Other Sites: Daystar Design, MyrrhLynn.net, and Esoteric Blogging

Hi hi! I'm MyrrhLynn, but you can just call me Myrrh if you want. XD I've been a part of the graphics community for years now (yeah I'm OLD). PNGs have always been an obsession of mine to collect (I have several hundred on my hard drive) and also to make myself for sharing with others. So, I've very excited to join the staff here at Kuusou! I promise to provide a steady supply of wonderous, bishounen filled PNGs for all of you, you have my word as a bishounen fangirl! ;D

Real Name: Amanda
Alias: Ammi
Birthday: June 13th
Position/Job: PNG Extractor
Loves: Music, Photoshop, food, books, RPGs ... lots more XD
Hates: ...bugs, squirrels...(LMFAO)...LIST GOES ON...

Hi there! Name's Ammi (: I'm 15, living in Canada, I'm Chinese and Irish and...yeah x] Hmm... I've been designing since 2006, so that's about 3 years. I've owned many sites but always got lazy... I've decided to become staff, the only things that I can't have "designer's block" is on icons and of course PNGs. One thing I love about the web world is that I get to meet a lot of different and nice people. :D

Would you like to help out? Join the Kuusou staff!

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