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Welcome to Kuusou. This site aims to provide high-quality transparent PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) for your use. We currently offer anime, manga, game, and nature PNGs. Feel free to look around, bookmark this site, and be sure to check back regularly for more PNGs!

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Happy New Year (again)

Yes, again. The Lunar New Year is February 3! I think it's interesting that in Vietnam, it's the year of the cat, but everywhere else, it's the year of the rabbit. Cat or rabbit, I wish everyone happiness, health, and hfortune in the new year.

Oh, yeah, my gift to you is not money but nine PNGs.

Posted by Yukie on January 30, 2011 with 1 comment

Another Week

Wah, another week has gone by... I'm more busy this quarter. I should balance my classes better... XD Enjoy the new additions!~

Posted by Yukie on January 16, 2011 with 3 comments

Happy New Year

I don't know what to write anymore... School starts again tomorrow. More PNGs today. xD

Posted by Yukie on January 2, 2011 with 5 comments

Merry Christmas!

Hehe, I'm still working on Christmas! xD All the stores might be closed, but Kuusou will be open for you to check out the ten new PNGs.

Happy Holidays, everyone.

Posted by Yukie on December 25, 2010 with 5 comments

Harry Potter

Yeah, it's been almost a month since it was released. But I just saw it yesterday. Now I understand why my friends said that all they do in the movie is run. But it was good. xD

More PNGs!

Posted by Yukie on December 12, 2010 with 44 comments

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