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Welcome to Kuusou. This site aims to provide high-quality transparent PNGs (Portable Network Graphics) for your use. We currently offer anime, manga, game, and nature PNGs. Feel free to look around, bookmark this site, and be sure to check back regularly for more PNGs!

This site has been tested and works in Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet 6+, and Opera. If something seems terribly off, please consider upgrading your browser before contacting the owner.


Please Write for Me

Someone...anyone...please...write for me...

Good news: I aced my finals.

Bad news: I have to write 6 more essays in the next two weeks.

Good news: I added some new PNGs while procrastinating.

Posted by Yukie on December 26, 2011 with 35 comments


Need more be said as to why there are only four PNGs this week?

Enjoy the one Vocaloid, one Darker than Black, and two Sengoku Basara PNGs~

Posted by Yukie on December 4, 2011 with 30 comments

New Affiliate & PNGs

We have a new affiliate! Cali's site, Sonatina Designs, is on open hiatus right now, but you should definitely check it out! ;D

While you're at it, check out these new PNGs. This week's PNGs are from the series Angel Beats!, Saiyuki, and Flyable Heart.

The Saiyuki PNG was extracted by josephine12cute. If you have some PNGs you would like to share with Kuusou, feel free to send them in and you might just be plugged here!

Posted by Yukie on November 6, 2011 with 3 comments

This Updating Thing...

I'm struggling with it. So much to do, so little time.

I made some time for five PNGs. To those who have e-mailed me--I will find time to reply to your e-mails...eventually.

Posted by Yukie on October 23, 2011 with 6 comments

See? I Told You! New Layout!

I said I would make a new layout, and I made a new layout! Granted, it's more like an amalgamation of themes one and ten than something completely new and original, but it has its charms, right?

If you are still seeing the old layout, please clear your cookies or just click here to switch to the new layout.

This new theme uses some new CSS3 properties, including box-shadow, border-radius, and text-shadow. Please update your browser to the newest version to see them, especially if you are still using Internet Explorer 6 (although IE9 still doesn't support text-shadow).

On the topic of browser compatibility, visitors who are unable (or unwilling) to update their old versions of IE will be happy to know that this layout works in IE versions 6 through 9. IE6 gave me the most trouble, but all that matters is that I successfully conquered it!

Since I spent my entire week working on this layout, I have no new PNGs for you today. Sorry! (Next week, I promise!)

But this layout looks good, right? I really like it! I especially like how it allowed me to add some new stuff to Kuusou. As you look around the site, you might notice the new statistics bar below the navigation bar and some sorting features on a couple of pages. I also updated a few things here and there, but they're pretty minor and not worth mentioning. This update is already long enough.

School restarts tomorrow for me, and I already know that it will be a busy year, but I will try to keep updating at least every two weeks.

PS: If you like the image I used in the header, you can download the PNG here!

Posted by Yukie on September 25, 2011 with 3 comments

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